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The Sewing Machine…so sad.

I finally got some thread. I finally bought the new foot pedal ($80). I finally found the time to read the instructions and wind a bobbin. Easy. But the sewing machine would not go forward, I mean the needle just kept going up and down and making a knot in the bobbin thread. I must re-read the instructions and hopefully find a solution. Meanwhile, I am taking my woven towels to my friend’s sewing machine and letting her sew the hems! What a hassle. I have never liked Sewing Machines, that’s why I am a weaver and a spinner. 😎


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April and Snow!!!

Well, today it is snowing huge flakes turning into wetness immediately when they touch something. Then the wind is howling about 40 miles an hour, ugh. Yesterday was so beautiful, blue sky, warm 74 degrees, green grass showing, Robins singing, voles destroying. Oh yes, we still have voles and also moles or gophers now too! Not only us, everyone in our townhouse row has them. I pulled out all the destroyed vegetation from the flower beds yesterday and put them in the recycle bags (read ALL the perennials). I was mad!!! I have decided to get rid of the voles however I have to! (read poison) But Spring will come some day, hopefully sooner than later.

I finished the towels that I was weaving on the Macomber. I took them off hoping to be able to hem them by hand as I don’t have a sewing machine. (I haven’t had a sewing machine since my husband saved the one I was about to throw out a second story window and that was 25 years ago-he gave it away!) So when I got them all off the loom and looked at what it involved to hand sew the cotton weaving I was dismayed; my hand sewing skills were not up to the thickness of the towels. Sigh. Hmmmm, Mom has a sewing machine in storage….I called Mom and she said sure you can borrow it, it is a nice machine, if you can find it in storage, hahaha. It is always a laugh when we talk about going into her storage unit at U-Haul. If she can’t find something she says, “ah, it must be in storage” and then laughs. I found it. I brought it home. It is BRAND NEW! It is a Janome 4623LE Plus, and is beautiful. I looked up the brand on-line and was amazed at all the things it can do, even thought that one is “retired”. I got it all ready to go, then realized that I had no power cord!!!!! Dumb. My husband said he would help me look for it in the storage unit, which was extremely kind of him, he hates the storage unit, reminds him of moving his mother and father in the first place!! We looked and looked and crawled over and under boxes and furniture and could not find that power cord/foot pedal. I called Mom when we got home and she said, “well, it is probably in the old sewing machine’s cabinet, in a plastic box.” She sold the old sewing machine cabinet at the auction she had when she moved the last time, that was why she bought the new sewing machine. So, more than likely the Janome cord is in the cabinet of the old machine and has been gone for about 3 years!!!! Mom said, “that sewing machine is brand new, I have never sewn on it.” I wanted to cry.  Here sits a brand new sewing machine, and I can’t run it without the power cord. Sigh…kinda like Spring with snow isn’t it!

To be continued……

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