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Warped? Yes. Weft Behind? Nope. Busy? Yes

Well, isn’t this unusual, a post from me! It has been quite the year 2014. After having lots of death and negative things to deal with in 2013, I was really looking forward to a nice year in 2014. Well, I started something that has kept me VERY busy and happy at the same time. Yes, I’m still weaving, I will post photos, but this is much bigger than my weaving.

BLACK HILLS CRAFTERS NETWORK was born in January of 2014. It started out small and now has 52 shops on the website! I am pleased that it has gotten so big. The website has started me doing other things, like marketing some of the shops that are presented on the website. And I have begun selling products for my dear friend Cindy who has recently become widowed and needed help keeping her craft business going. We are doing well with her products and my mouth! I LOVE selling good product!

Another place I have been spreading my time is with Arts Rapid City another new website that features artists, crafters, events, businesses and organizations. I love going to their workshops and adding my crafters to their website.

If you are in the market for wonderful crafts please check out Black Hills Crafters Network. If you are looking for something awesome to do in Rapid City, SD go to Arts Rapid City to see what is happening.

I received a  weaving “sampler kit” for my birthday in July and I am slowly learning how to make all the great patterns included in the sample. This is great fun and I will post photos later, hopefully sooner than later, later!

20140527_054213585_iOS 20140726_213513820_iOS

Here are two pieces I completed over the summer. The red, green and blue one is a fabric to become a vest and the blue, yellow/orange one once finished became a stole that got 2nd place at the county fair in August!! Both use handspun yarn for the weft and commercial yarn for the warp. Both woven on my wonderful Macomber Baby Mac.

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Happy New Year!

photo 2

Here’s hoping that the new year of 2014 will be better than last year. Less hate, less waste, less worry, less sadness, more health, more happiness, more love. I have decided that for me weaving will be the best way to be happy this next year. No resolutions, just happiness in all my endeavors! I finished weaving a piece for a lamp shade on a cute little lamp. I hope to consign the lamp at a local store and will let you know where it ends up.

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White Christmas

It snowed yesterday most of the day here in Rapid City, SD. It was the perfect day to weave!! Yes, I finally got the motivation going to finish weaving the variegated green silk and wool piece for the next lamp shade. This lamp will be adorable, as it has a brass colored butterfly on the base and this lovely lamp shade. No photos yet, but soon.

I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas. I HATE sewing, but I love to weave. And, you sometimes need to hem your weaving, or make a nice zig-zag stitch along the edge so it doesn’t unravel. Ya can’t GLUE everything ya know! So, if I get the sewing machine (it is a simple one with basic stitches!) I will be able to make mug rugs and other lamp shades without having to use too much glue!! Woo Hoo!

If I don’t get back to this blog before Christmas, let me wish all 2 of you that read this Merry Christmas!!


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Merry Christmas, almost!

Well, I have not been too busy on this blog, have I? Since the Fair we have had quite the Fall. Our precious Whippet dog, Zoe, died and that was devastating. Then we made an effort to simplify our lives in our 900 sq ft townhouse. That meant getting rid of all the junk we had accumulated in the closets, the garage and the “attic” or loft in the garage. We had not parked the car in the garage for several years and since closing our business, Native Life Designs, we had filled the garage up even more. I spent September cleaning out junk, you know, the things we just couldn’t live without years ago and we wonder now why on earth did we keep that? It was freeing yet there wasn’t a lot of weaving happening. I did manage to get a shawl finished for myselfImage out of some awesome linen from a friend. She was also cleaning out her stuff and I bought it off of her for a good price.

Then in October we had a blizzard. After cleaning up from that we finished more cleaning out of the garage. Then we bought another used car and NEEDED the car to be in the garage instead of out on the driveway or street. So, the garage got cleaned out so well that we can now park the car in the garage! Amazing.

By the end of October I had decided to step lightly into the crafting business. I made a cute little lamp out of recycled pieces and hand woven handspun for the shade. I named my new enterprise Handcrafters Schack (my middle and maiden name) and consigned the first piece to a wonderful new crafters store here in Rapid City, called Dakota Pines ( I am working on other lamps now and hand woven lamp shades, we will see how far this goes. No Etsy shop, or website yet, just testing out things for now.Image

I have also painted several rooms in the house and had the privilege of meeting my son’s girlfriend over Thanksgiving. I am excited about the future for them and for us. We are taking a short vacation over Christmas since we can’t get together with the kids this year.

Here’s a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year wish for you. Enjoy your holidays, your family and your life.

handcrafters schack logo

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Pinks and Reds

I finished the pinks and reds scarf. I have decided that my early hand spun yarns are TERRIBLE warp yarns! Not enough twist, too bulky, etc………… You get the idea. I did manage to get a short scarf made and even got it washed. It fulled a bit, it made it look better I think. Here it is:Image

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Apron ON!

I got my apron on the warp beam, almost by myself. I needed a bigger hammer to get those little tacks to go into that HARD wood of the beam. Fortunately for my loom, my husband came home and finished pounding them in for me. It looks WONDERFUL! I am in process of warping the handspun warp so will post again later with photos.

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Spring May Be Coming Soon…

current scarf on loom

it appears that some of the plants in my front yard want to sprout, even though it is cloudy and chilly! Spring always comes every year, no matter what happens in your life to make it feel like winter all the time. Kind of like in Narnia, “where it is always Winter and never Christmas.”

In order to work through my grief over losing my friend Cindie and then my mother in law, Dora, I threw myself into my work at c r yarn. We are having a Fiber Festival here in Rapid City at the end of April so I had lots to do to help the owner get ready. And I wove.

Weaving really does balance my life. It is as though the routine of warping the loom and the methodical work of throwing the shuttle, raising the harnesses and creating something is very soothing. I feel this way about spinning also. The rhythm of the spinning wheel and the twisting of the fiber into yarn gives me a feeling that the creation is still happening and I have to just let it run through my fingers. Giving in to the creating is so soothing.

weaving up close blue,jpgI have done several scarves for the shop and they all have been fun. This latest one is blue and green and I love the colors. I think it will be my second favorite. My first favorite was the reddish/maroon one that my boss kept for herself!

Here is to the Hope of a new Spring through the Easter/Resurrection holiday for all of us.


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