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The Time Has Come…

It is with a sad heart that I post this today. I am selling my beloved CPJ “Baby” Macomber Loom. She is going to a wonderful weavers home in Washington state.  We need to move to a smaller place and she just won’t fit anymore. Besides, I haven’t woven on her in over a year. It is time. 8 years ago I bought this loom from a lady in Colorado, who was moving to the East Coast of US to begin a new life with a new partner and career. She and I both got exactly what we needed. I remember thanking her profusely for selling me her loom as it was my dream come true and the beginning of a new life for me. I have used my Baby Mac well. She has gone to demonstrations with me. She has stayed at a yarn shop in Rapid City, SD while I wove scarves to sell in the shop on her. She put up with my limited knowledge about weaving and taught me a few things about crafting. She has been a symbol in my life of “doing the dream” and “living your best life” and I am so grateful for that.

But now, now is the time that we move on to other pursuits. She will be in the home of a loving weaver and I will miss her. I will be pursuing my book binding, library work and knitting. And moving closer to my grandchildren. My husband and I are looking forward to being closer to them and also lighter, again, in “stuff”. This is our third  downsizing, hopefully the last. Hmmmm, I think I said that the last time!!!!!!!!

The weaving community is a great bunch of people. I still have my Ashford Knitters Loom that I will continue to weave on, using up that handspun yarn in my stash. I will still participate in weaving demos and teaching friends. I will always be grateful for the time I had my connections to Macomber Looms through the Macomber Loom group on Ravelry; Sarah Haskell and her Macomber Looms and Me blogspot blog; the Seattle Weavers Guild and all the wonderful weavers I have met through the years.

And so, onward and upward to a new time of life and farewell to Warped and Weft Behind? weaving a life.



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Weft Behind…

I truly have left weaving behind! I still have a warp half-way on the loom. Oh well. I have been busy with sweaters. Here are my two latest ones. The Violet Verbena Carbeth Cardigan has an array of colorful buttons.


And the Grettir needs to be finished. I have steeked it and added a collar since this photo.


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2017 A Year For Reflection and KNITTING!!

It seems I had a bit of reflecting to do this year. When I got sick in May, I wasn’t expecting to be so slowed down. But, the pancreatitis got me to focus more on what I was doing with my time, it made me not be in a hurry all the time and it helped me to change my eating habits. Best of all, the slow-down involved knitting! I did some weaving in 2017 and I will start with that. This post will be a compilation of all that I knitted in 2017.

The first of the two scarves I wove was called a “Tapestry Diary” and it was supposed to be woven on a little each day, in order to improve my weaving skills, improve my tapestry skills, and to enjoy playing with yarn. I started it on January 5, and finished it in May right before going into the hospital. It took me until August to get another warp on  my loom. That warp became “Frodo” because that was the name of the hand-dyed yarn.


I began the knitting fever in June, as I felt better I knit more. It was easier to knit than weave so here is what I accomplished from June through the last day of December 2017!




I hope to be as productive in 2018 as I was in 2017! Although, I am also binding some books, so that does take a bit of time away from knitting!!

Have a great 2018.

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Vogue Knitting LIVE! Seattle!


I have been swimming in a sea of tools, yarn, fiber, techniques and finished knitted objects and I have not drowned!! A friend and I went to the VKLSeattle event at the Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, WA on Friday. We shopped around the marketplace, she took in a lecture, we had lunch and shopped some more. Today, Saturday, I went to a lecture and then did a little browsing. Tomorrow, Sunday, 3 of us will head to the Meydenbauer Center again and shop ’til the marketplace closes and then head out to take a “Knit to Flatter” class with Amy Herzog, our hero.


More Nicky Epstein animals

Today, the lecture that I attended, was on Knitting history and the Knitting Belt. June Hemmons Hiatt, gave the lecture and showed us slides of Shetland, where she found the knitting belt still in use. You can find more info on the belt and the ones that she sells on her website: She also gave a demonstration after the lecture. The belt fits around your waist, has a leather oval shaped pouch filled with horsehair and has several sized holes punched into the top. You slip a long needle into one of the holes with your right hand and then knit with another needle and your left hand. Your right hand does not have to hold the needle and you can knit much faster this way. Hazel Tindall, the “Fastest Knitter in the World,” uses a knitting belt. Find out more at her website:

During the lecture, June mentioned “The Knitting Genealogist” who does wonderful research on knitting culture. With knitting and genealogist in the same sentence I knew I would have to look that up when I got home. So, the Knitting Genealogist is found here: I was impressed with her findings and you will be too. She (Penelope Lister Hemingway)


June knitting with the belt underneath her right hand (left side of photo)

writes about Gansey knitting and that led me to this article by Claire Santry on her blog: Irish Genealogy Toolkit. Surprising article that states, “The idea that Aran sweaters (also known as Irish wool sweaters) contain special stitches to identify the wearer’s family or clan is pure fiction.” Definitely a “must-read” if you have repeated this fiction to others as I have!

So, I am very excited to meet Amy Herzog and find out what body style I possess, and what sweaters will look fabulous on me. I am anxious to start another sweater, but not until I take this class first! Off to change the clocks back one hour to get into Pacific Standard Time again, here comes the dark nights!

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Frodo and Tomatoes

Well we finally got a “bit” of rain in the western half of Washington this weekend. It made life good again by washing away the smoke from the BC fires and the heat from the “heat wave” we have been experiencing.

Got some of my little experimental bracelets done on the rigid heddle and am still trying to figure out the tension problem I am having at the end of the warp. Try, try, again.

But the best is the Frodo Scarf.

I bought the yarn on sale at the LYS (All Wound Up) and the colorway is called “Frodo”! I decided to weave it instead of knitting with it, it is fingering weight yarn, and this is how it is looking.  I LOVE it!


Last night my husband and I decided to have a “picnic at the beach.” That meant: going to Whole Foods, getting food to-go from the food bars, driving to the beach and parking on the cliffside street to look at the Sound while we ate! There is a lovely street called Sunset Ave. in Edmonds, WA that has a section, past the Ferry Dock, that has parallel parking along the cliff above the railroad tracks and the Sound. It is a favorite place for looking at the water, the scuba divers, the boats, the Ferry and the view. It is also a good place to walk, but since it was raining we just sat and ate. Yummy stuff comes from the Whole Foods food bars!

As we walked into the Whole Foods Market, there was a table at the entrance with Heirloom Tomatoes for sale. $4.99 a pound! I think I picked up a yellow tomato that cost $4.99! Last night before we went to bed we had a snack of fresh heirloom tomato sliced and juicy. Today I am having a cheese and tomato sandwich for lunch. I wait all year to eat tomatoes in the summer. This tomato is the sweetest tomato I have had in years. I hope I can save some for my husband…

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Warped? Yes. Weft Behind? Nope. Busy? Yes

Well, isn’t this unusual, a post from me! It has been quite the year 2014. After having lots of death and negative things to deal with in 2013, I was really looking forward to a nice year in 2014. Well, I started something that has kept me VERY busy and happy at the same time. Yes, I’m still weaving, I will post photos, but this is much bigger than my weaving.

BLACK HILLS CRAFTERS NETWORK was born in January of 2014. It started out small and now has 52 shops on the website! I am pleased that it has gotten so big. The website has started me doing other things, like marketing some of the shops that are presented on the website. And I have begun selling products for my dear friend Cindy who has recently become widowed and needed help keeping her craft business going. We are doing well with her products and my mouth! I LOVE selling good product!

Another place I have been spreading my time is with Arts Rapid City another new website that features artists, crafters, events, businesses and organizations. I love going to their workshops and adding my crafters to their website.

If you are in the market for wonderful crafts please check out Black Hills Crafters Network. If you are looking for something awesome to do in Rapid City, SD go to Arts Rapid City to see what is happening.

I received a  weaving “sampler kit” for my birthday in July and I am slowly learning how to make all the great patterns included in the sample. This is great fun and I will post photos later, hopefully sooner than later, later!

20140527_054213585_iOS 20140726_213513820_iOS

Here are two pieces I completed over the summer. The red, green and blue one is a fabric to become a vest and the blue, yellow/orange one once finished became a stole that got 2nd place at the county fair in August!! Both use handspun yarn for the weft and commercial yarn for the warp. Both woven on my wonderful Macomber Baby Mac.

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Happy New Year!

photo 2

Here’s hoping that the new year of 2014 will be better than last year. Less hate, less waste, less worry, less sadness, more health, more happiness, more love. I have decided that for me weaving will be the best way to be happy this next year. No resolutions, just happiness in all my endeavors! I finished weaving a piece for a lamp shade on a cute little lamp. I hope to consign the lamp at a local store and will let you know where it ends up.

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