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Some quick weavings for tonight!

It has been almost 6 months since I have been able to weave! UGH, that is TOO long. I finally got my shoulder working well enough to warp the loom and then I wove up some quick things just for fun.

Here are the 4 dish cloths (we call them rags!) that we needed that I used old peaches and cream yarn for.








Then I did some Saori style weaving with all the leftovers on bobbins that I had in my basket on the loom.


And then the “wooly worms” that I bought from Pendleton Woolen Mills. They are the selvedges cut off of the blankets that Pendleton makes and sells for cheap to weavers. I experimented with two types, a flat one (the brighter green) and the puffy or fluffy one (the darker colors).


I enjoyed my little experiments and they helped me get beyond the “survival” mode that I am in workwise. Let’s just say Corporate America sucks. 🙂



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