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Today was THE Day!

I am officially a Seattle Weavers Guild Member! Yeah! I was received into membership today at the meeting. We had a great speaker, Barbara Herbster, who spoke about Supplemental Warp. It was a good presentation, with explanations and visuals! Gotta love her weaving. I wasn’t able to stay for the afternoon program on Leno Weaving, but ate my lunch there and added my name to the Hospitality group.

The sun is shining today and the brillant colors of the flowers and trees in bud is amazing. I truly love Spring, but Spring in the PNW is very special. The pine trees outside my window are waving their branches about in the wind, but they are shining from all the rain we have had.

So, my bookbinding continues, slowly. I usually do things at warp speed (pun intended), but lately have to chant to myself, “slow cloth, slow cloth” to get myself to slow down and do things correctly!! Bookbinding is fun, creative and precise. I am not all that precise, so learning how to be precise and slower has been a challenge, but one that I am up to.

I am off to finish my tapestry, mohair shawl that I have been neglecting for knitting (a sweater and headbands of stranded knitting), and bookbinding.

Have a wonderful Spring Day!



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A Couple of New Things I’ve Been Doing

I have been weaving and knitting for the last year since we have moved here. I suppose it is “Show and Tell” time for me too.

Large, medium and small handmade books

3 Handmade Books

cat inside large felted "house"

Gracie’s Knitted and Felted Cat House

woven warp and weft on loom

tapestry woven scarf beginning

knitted hat and mittens

Seahawk hat and mittens for my new grandson

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Spinning at the Fair

We all had a great time spinning at the Central States Fair this last week. I am not in the photos, because I am behind the camera! We had fewer entries in the spinning and weaving this year, but then so did all the other areas of the Fair. Seemed odd that last year we had so many and this year not so much.  Attendance seemed down this year also, less people walking through to watch us demonstrate the spinning. The Quilters behind us had lots of entries and many demos throughout the Fair Week. Interesting to listen to.


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Weaving to my heart’s content!

View from my Loom c r yarn

I work at the best yarn store ever! I work part-time at c r yarn in Rapid City, SD. The owner Rita Nauman is very generous with her employees. I get to weave in the store with yarns that we pick out in order to make beautiful handwoven scarves to sell to our customers! What a wonderful job. I get to visit with people from all over the US who stop by to see (“c” r yarn) us because we are located downtown near all the cool stuff; I get to play with yarn all day long, when I am not waiting on wonderful customers and weaving with wonderful yarns. We decided to offer handwoven scarves this year because every Christmas when we hang our charity knitted scarves on the shop Christmas Tree people want to buy them. We decided that by offering special hand woven scarves and hand knitted caps that those that want to buy a special gift for someone can find it locally with no problem.  And like the “Shake ‘n’ Bake girl” ‘Ah helped’.

Here are the 3 that I have woven so far. Tomorrow a sparkly green one goes on the loom and then after that we will concentrate on some manly scarves, no sparkle!

Silver up close

Silver Sparkle

Blue sparkles on our Deer


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New Ashford Jumbo Flyer Unit!!

I received my Ashford single drive Jumbo Sliding Flyer Unit by UPS the other day. I oiled the wood, then I changed out the bracket on the maiden and got ready to ply. Oh, oh. The brake line was too short. Well, 3 days later, I finally got the correct size fishing line (80lb, could have been 60lb), measured, tied, tried and re-tied to get it to fit properly. Wow, does that thing ply! AND it flies! I was so excited to finish plying two regular size Ashford Traditional bobbins onto one Jumbo Bobbin and still have room on the bobbin!! What a joy this new toy is.

I am coming along splendidly with my rainbow shawl on the loom. I will take photos when I am done and post here.

I have been helping out at the local yarn store: c r yarn. We have created a website and it is really cool. We have posted photos of the shop, the yarns, the fibers to spin, and other fun stuff. We are really having fun with the store. We hope to have more stock soon and eventually a second line of spinning wheels. I love my LYS!

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Happy Fourth of July America!

This 4th of July in South Dakota is very, very smokey. We have wind blowing smoke and ash all over us from Wyoming, South Dakota, and Colorado. There was a fire in Utah also, but I think that one is out. Anyway, our county and city shut down all the fireworks shows for this holiday, because of the severe fire danger. It is also very warm here, in the high 90s and 100s today; with all the smoke and the low humidity the air outside reminds me of my old home, Los Angeles California! The air smells like L.A. and the sky looks like L.A. and the dryness feels like L.A. Thank God I have air conditioning in my townhouse!!

I have been weaving a fun new project, some sparkly rainbow yarn from Ice company called Glitz. I am practicing my twill on this piece which is planned to be a shawl. We will see if my planning will work out or not. hehe.

Weaving Helper Zoe

I will continue to weave on the 4th also, just because I can!

Sparkly Rainbow

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Playing, um working, at the Local Yarn Store!

Today, Thursday, through Saturday I have the privilege of volunteering at the local yarn store (C R Yarn) in Rapid City. I am so excited. I hope that there will be lots of tourists coming in these next few days, because I want to make it worthwhile for the owner to keep the shop open while she is out of town for the weekend.  I have my spinning wheel, freshly carded mohair, a spinning project in progress, my knitting, my Kindle and my computer. What a fun few days this will be and such a difference from working at my home in my home office doing sales for jewelry. Not better mind you, just different!

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