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The Sewing Machine…so sad.

I finally got some thread. I finally bought the new foot pedal ($80). I finally found the time to read the instructions and wind a bobbin. Easy. But the sewing machine would not go forward, I mean the needle just kept going up and down and making a knot in the bobbin thread. I must re-read the instructions and hopefully find a solution. Meanwhile, I am taking my woven towels to my friend’s sewing machine and letting her sew the hems! What a hassle. I have never liked Sewing Machines, that’s why I am a weaver and a spinner. 😎


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The Sewing Machine…

Continued from last week:

I finally got the foot pedal and cord for the sewing machine of Mom’s. It is brand new and was at the local sewing machine store, can you imagine! I hooked it up last night and it worked!! Except that I couldn’t sew anything without bobbin thread. This machine is so advanced (and I haven’t sewn on a machine for over 20 years) that I had to print out the instruction booklet to find out how to put thread on the bobbin!! Alas, the print was too small for my tired eyes last night so I sat down with a larger print novel, “The Spider’s Web” by Peter Tremayne. It is a mystery set in 9th Century Ireland and it is sooo good. Almost wore out my eyes reading til midnight.

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